It is the end of September, we have to take care of the month's end which is always a stressful task. However, bringing structure is something that you can do easily. Wonderful if the results of last month are neat and in order, isn't it? Do you recognize yourself in this? Welcome to Apollo Hotels!

Trainee Finance (M/F)


We are looking for a trainee Finance for Apollo Hotels. We assume you are gifted with administrative work. However, are you also willing to take the extra step? Then we need someone like you as our new: Trainee Finance 

Apollo Hotels

As a trainee Finance, you work for the Apollo chain. Apollo Hotels does not have a headquarter, but the finance department does have an office in Amsterdam. Apollo Hotels is young, original, stubborn and different. You will see this in the approach of our guests, our no-nonsense work procedures and especially in the way we treat our interns. And as one of the fastest growing hotel groups we offer excellent growth opportunities! Our purpose is to make every internship special and maybe even something permanent.  

How does your day look like as a trainee Finance?

Normally you work in Amsterdam, but today you have an appointment with the local management in Utrecht. You regularly visit our other hotels because you work for the whole Apollo chain. You will support your accounting team with all common tasks in the: income audit, general ledger, accounts payables and accounts receivables. During your internship, you get all the opportunities to develop your financial knowledge and use them in practice.

Why are you our new trainee Finance?

- You follow an education in finance or hospitality;
- You have strong numerical and analytical skills who finds hospitality important;
- With your accuracy and structure, you easily detect all kind of errors
- Your slogan is “trust is good, but control is better’. 

Why is doing an internship at Apollo hotels so great?

Are you ambitious? Good! Let’s work together to make sure all yours and ours dreams come true. We like to help you develop even more. You do that at our Apollo Academy, which is our training institute. We like to keep you healthy and energetic. That is why we have an interesting fitnessplan for you. Travel expenses are taken care of and a collective health insurance is included. And then we haven’t even mentioned the other luxury benefits of working in a hotel; for a special rate, we will serve your every need in all our hotels and restaurants, including Thermae 2000. Make sure all your friends and family members benefits from all these special rates.

Yes, I am perfect for this internship!

Yes! Are you our new team member? We would like to see your application very soon. We like to hear how you will surprise our guests and make their stay something to never forget.

Do you have any questions regarding this internship? Feel free to call Annely, Manon or Danike from our HR department at 020 570 57 67.