Your passion is with numbers, tables and calculations. You get your satisfaction out of analyzing and improving existing processes. Do you recognize yourself in this? Welcome to Apollo Hotels!

Trainee F&B Control (M/F)


We are looking for a trainee F&B Control for Apollo Hotels. We assume you love to dig into data and translate this into usable information for our F&B managers. However, are you also willing to take the extra step? Then you are our new: Trainee F&B Control 

Apollo Hotels

As a trainee F&B Control you work for the Apollo chain. In addition to the 13 hotels in the portfolio of Apollo, your main focus will mostly be on the restaurants. Including the Bierfabriek Almere, Floor17, The Harbour Club Amsterdam Zuid & The Harbour Club Vinkeveen.

Apollo Hotels does not have a headquarter. As a trainee F&B Control you are part of our finance department, which has an office in Amsterdam. Apollo Hotels is young, original, stubborn and different. You will see this in the approach of our guests, our no-nonsense work procedures and especially in the way we treat our employees. And as one of the fastest growing hotel groups we offer excellent growth opportunities. 

What does your day look like at Apollo Hotels? 

Normally you work in Amsterdam, but today you are at the Veluwe to look at the sales from last month together with the Operations Manager and the chef. Did the change in the menu had the desired effect on sales? Later that day one of hotels from Amsterdam asks if you can look at the costing of the new bar menu. You then send your findings to the F&B Manager and Hotel manager. During your internship, you get all the opportunities to develop and combine your financial and F&B knowledge and use them in practice. Because you love nothing more than making information out of data and to give solid advice.

Why are you our new trainee F&B Control? 

- You follow a HBO-bachelor education in hospitality;
- You love to make information out of data;
- You have strong numerical and analytical skills and passion for the hotel and catering industry. 

Why is working at Apollo hotels so great?

You are part of a wonderful team. All your colleagues are just as motivated and passionate about their field as you. Do you put 100% effort in your work? Then we give and allow you the opportunity to keep growing, by providing for example relevant training and courses.  We like to keep you healthy and energetic. That is why we have an interesting fitnessplan for you. Travel expenses are taken care of and a collective health insurance is included. And then we haven’t even mentioned the other luxury benefits of working in a hotel; for a special rate, we will serve your every need in all our hotels and restaurants.

Yes, I am perfect for this internship! 

Yes! Are you our new team member? We would like to see your application very soon.

Do you have any questions regarding this internship? Feel free to call Annely, Manon or Danike from our HR department at 020 570 57 67.