Friday evening. You check in the mirror to make sure you're looking your best and grab your things. You're looking forward to it again. Looking forward to delighting guests. The happy and surprised look on guests' faces when you delight them with something totally unexpected inspires you. Is this you? Welcome to The Harbour Club!



We’re looking for a Barkeeper for The Harbour Club Amsterdam Zuid! We expect you to be enthusiastic and flexible, but are you also willing to go that little bit further? If so, we need you: Barkeeper | Fulltime / Part time / Temporary

The Harbour Club Amsterdam Zuid

The Harbour club is a unique concept with nation-wide recognition and international allure. A sparkling ambiance, top notch styled interior and exceptionally good food. Once you’ve experienced this you won’t want anything else. Enthusiastic? We are too.

The Harbour Club represents pure and intense enjoyment. High-quality culinary skills combined with a touch of eccentricity but keeping an eye to detail. Rock & Roll. That’s what we’re called and we’re proud of it. Can you give our guests this experience?

You are awesome! Why aren’t you working for us yet?

In a short space of time the Harbour Club Amsterdam Zuid has become the place to eat in Amsterdam. Here you can eat while looking out over the water where five canals cross. What are you still waiting for? Welcome to the Harbour Club crew!

What does your day as Barkeeper of The Harbour Club look like? 

Every evening you’re ready to rock. Check the bar for the final finishing touch. Because every guest deserves a special experience! You know everything there is to know about cocktails, gin tonics, wine and bubbles. But you know your way around alcohol-free surprises too. You’re creative, innovative and have good communicative skills. You give every guest a celebration in a glass. You’re able to motivate the team and you create the best atmosphere on the work floor. You’re social and interested in the guests and in your colleagues. Because at the Harbour Club we do our best to make sure our guests return. You’ll be back!

Why are you the perfect addition to our team? 

- You’re the pro! You’ve successfully completed a relevant training course for the hospitality industry and have relevant work experience;
- You’re an entertainer and pursue high-quality in your work;
- You’ve got an eye for detail and leave nothing to coincidence;
- You speak both Dutch and English fluently;
- SMILE! You believe the best make up is a smile;
- Stress at work? Not you. You’re flexible and stress-resistant;
- Left or right? You make well-considered decisions on your own;
- You always keep an appointment or a promise;
- Information is in safe hands with you and you’re able to make strategic choices.

Would you like to work at Apollo Hotels? 

Are you ambitious? Good! Let’s make your and our dreams come true together. We’re happy to help you advance your career. You can do that at the Apollo Academy, our training institute. We also like to keep you fit and fresh. That’s why we have set up a great corporate fitness scheme for you. And of course we offer a good travel expense scheme and you can take out group healthcare and indemnity insurance with us. And there are the other luxury bonuses of working for a hotel chain too: you can have yourself pampered for a special rate in all our hotels and restaurants, plus Thermae 2000. Your friends and family can profit from special rates too!

Tribute Portfolio, a Starwood Brand

Apollo Hotel Amsterdam is affiliated with Tribute Portfolio, a collection of independent 4-star hotels in the luxury category. Each are unique hotels in unusual locations around the world – from boutique resorts to exciting hotels in leading cities. Each Tribute Portfolio hotel offers superior service and an inspiring style. Through Apollo Hotel Amsterdam joining Tribute Portfolio, we offer our guests a unique hotel with its own identity.

You work at Apollo Hotel Amsterdam for both Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Apollo Hotels. This means that you profit doubly from employee discounts and trainings from both chains. We combine our knowledge of the local market with the knowledge and systems of the international hotel chain of Marriott International / Starwood Hotels & Resorts. 

Yes, I'm perfect for this job!

Yes! Are you our new team member? We look forward to receiving your job application. We can’t wait to hear how you will delight our guests and make their stay unforgettable.

If you still have questions after reading this job vacancy, ring Annely, Manon of Danike in the HR department on 020 570 57 67.