It’s 5 in the afternoon, you are enjoying the warm summer sun with a sparkling drink in your hand. Barbecues, festivals and terraces, which are opened until late at night. From cozy city trips till biking tours through nature reserves and sunbathing at the beach. We guarantee the nicest summer in the Netherlands, are you ready?


Apollo Hotel Papendrecht

We are surrounded by nature and cozy villages and towns to visit. We get that this makes it hard to choose where to go during your stay with us. That is why you book this summer the Solex package! We have the nicest tours ready for you, when are you heading here? Book the Summer Package of Apollo Hotel Papendrecht now,  for € 103,- per night.



Apollo Hotel Almere

Take your rented bike and go to a small beach for a relaxed afternoon along the waterside. On your way back, you maybe get an ice cream and after that, you’ll sit down on the terrace of the Bierfabriek Almere. With a  delicious beer cocktail, your summer can really start! Reserve the summer package in Apollo Hotel Almere for € 119,- per night.



Apollo Hotel Groningen

Do you like festivals, good food and beautiful nature? Great! From our hotel you’ll make the most beautiful nature biking tours. Rather go to the city? On foot, the city centre square is just 20 minutes away. Small music festivals, markets and fine food and drinks await you, see you in Groningen! Book the Summer Package in Groningen now for € 129,- per night.



Apollo Hotel Lelystad

You are looking for a destination for a weekend away in the Netherlands, where you’re close to nature and the waterside, ánd where you can go shopping or sightseeing? Apollo Hotel Lelystad is centrally located in the city. Relive the Golden Century on the Bataviawerf, which takes just a few minutes by bike. You rather shop the latest fashion in Bataviastad? Decide during your weekend or night in Lelystad Book the Summer Package of Apollo Hotel Lelystad for € 150,- per night.



Crowne Plaza Den Haag - Promenade

This summer you’ll taste the new menu of Brut International Flavours in Crowne Plaza Den Haag – Promenade. The restaurant serves international dishes, prepared by chefs from the country of origin. That is something you don’t want to miss. You want to make an evening walk on the Boulevard of the Beach of Schevingen? The tram takes you there, within just a few minutes. Book the Summer Package of Crowne Plaza Den Haag – Promenade now, for € 298,- per night.