Apollo Hotels aims to provide high quality services, so that we are sure that you will return to us! We regard respect for the privacy of our guests and treatment of their personal data with care as an important part of this! Information is presented below on which data are recorded and what they are used for in the provision of this specific service.


To protect our guests' property and that of our hotels, we use camera surveillance in some of the rooms that are generally accessible to the public, such as the hotel lobby. This surveillance forms part of structural measures for constructional and non-constructional access control. The images are stored for a brief period of time and subsequently deleted, unless any incident has occurred which makes it necessary to store the images for longer. We do not use any facial recognition techniques or any other methods enabling the electronic identification of persons. And of course, we do not make any sound recordings.


Due to the nature of the services provided and the confidence that the public must be able to place in these services, Apollo Hotels devotes a great deal of care to technical and organisational forms of security for camera surveillance.


The data compiled and used in connection with this service may exclusively be accessed by the staff of Apollo Hotels, its group companies and other affiliated companies if they require this data for the performance of their duties. In principle, no other parties may access this data. However, we may occasionally be obliged to provide external parties with the data pursuant to a statutory obligation or a dispute.


Please keep an eye on this website for any changes.


If you have any questions about this privacy declaration, please send a letter to the following address:

Apollo Hotels
Attn. of the privacy officer
Apollolaan 2

Or send an e-mail to privacy@apollohotels.nl