The Hague, June 23, 2021 - Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade connected international The Hague once again with a successful edition of The Hague Herring Party during the hotel's 50th anniversary. No less than 150 ambassadors, expats and entrepreneurs from The Hague gathered in 3 shifts of 50 people to enjoy the rich variety of herring from the Dutch cuisine, combined with international flavours. The honourable herring barrel of this anniversary edition went to Dr. Mayelinne De Lara of Diplomat Magazine as a thank you for the close cooperation and bringing the Corps Diplomatique of The Hague and the hotel together.

Promenade Hotel 50 years
While the Leonardo Royal brand was proudly added to the Promenade Hotel in April last year, a new milestone awaits this year: the 50th anniversary. Throughout the year, this milestone is celebrated; therefore, also during the herring party. In celebration of that, a special Promenade beer was launched yesterday, called Buitenlust. The name is a nod to the rich history of the hotel with the opening of Paviljoen Buitenlust in 1828, which would become the Hôtel de la Promenade in 1876. General Manager Patrick Aarsman: "During this anniversary year, 'The Hague Herring Party' was one to remember. Whereas we normally welcome more than 300 ambassadors, expats and entrepreneurs from The Hague, this time we were only allowed to receive 50 relations per time slot. Nevertheless, you could see that everyone enjoyed the live networking, and the new herring of course. Again, you can see that eating herring together connect the international community of The Hague, and I am proud that the Promenade Hotel can be the platform where these internationals like to come together."