Our newest hotel is in the province of Groningen. The city itself is extremely friendly and intimate, and yet with international flair. The promotional campaign for tourism has the slogan ‘Nothing tops Groningen' and we have picked out a number of highlights for your visit.

Groningen - a Hanseatic city

In the Netherlands, there are a number of Hanseatic cities. In the Middle Ages, merchants and cities from many countries worked together to protect and expand trade, and Groningen is an important example of such a city. Follow the Hanseatic Walk to find traces from that period. The Hanseatic House in Groningen continues to do business according to the tradition.

Nightlife in Groningen

The nightlife is very popular in Groningen. In the city centre there are lots of pavement cafés, coffee shops and restaurants. Due to the flexible opening times, there is always something to do in Groningen. The large number of students means that the city centre is full of activity and entertainment.

Architecture in Groningen

Groningen is also a bold city and you can see this in its architecture. Let us begin with Groningen Central Station, which has a ceiling made of paper mâché. Another oft-discussed design is the Groninger Museum, an art museum of which the architecture is a work of art in itself. Prominent on the Groningen skyline is also La Liberté, the building in which the Apollo Hotel Groningen is located. It was designed by leading French architect Dominique Perrault, known among other things for the François-Mitterrand Library in Paris.

Martini Tower

The Martini Tower is the symbol of Groningen and has been watching over its skyline for 500 years.  The 97-metre-high tower has 311 steps, which you have to climb when you visit Groningen. Not only will you have a fantastic view from the top, the interior of the Martini tower is also worth visiting. In the bell tower you can see how the bells are still rung by hand.

The Wadden area

Groningen is surrounded by water and is connected with it. There are various routes out of the city and one fascinating destination is the Wadden Area, where land and sea meet in a tidal area stretching over 34 kilometres. Keen outdoor types do not shy away from taking walks on the tidal flats. Twice a day the shallow Wadden Sea retreats and it is possible to go for walks on the sea bed.

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