Fattal Hotel Group is one of the fastest-growing hotel chains in Europe with 190 hotels in 17 countries. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the group’s portfolio features various brand names such as Leonardo Hotels, Leonardo Royal Hotels, and the recently acquired Apollo Hotels.


Apollo Hotels

We are a chain of high-quality hotels in the Netherlands. We do everything to make sure that you'll be back. Our hotels are as varied as our people. Even so, we are certain that whichever hotel you choose, your stay will be unforgettable; whether you have to attend a meeting that requires your full concentration, arrive at the hotel late, or even if you have a very early start. Apollo Hotels guarantees precious moments, in the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

Apollo Hotels, You’ll Be Back.


Leonardo Hotels

With more than 160 properties all over Europe, the chain offers categories that range from 3* to 4* Superior, as well as hotels of a comparable standard. One of the essential features of the chain is to provide hotels situated in attractive locations, for example right in the heart of the city or close to the airport. 

Each Leonardo Hotel is individually furnished and guarantees to all guests excellent comfort and outstanding service. The primary goal of every hotel is the complete fulfillment of the guests’ needs and wishes. Whether a business trip, a group stay or a corporate event, our employees will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Because at Leonardo Hotels we want all our guests to feel totally at ease.