Valkenburg, 7 November 2013 - On the 7th of November, Thermae 2000 launched the new Ther-ME line. In the same way that you would treat yourself to a day of relaxation at the wellness centre, treat yourself to Thermae 2000's personal care products. Pauline Verhoef, Commercial Director of Thermae 2000: "Yesterday we proudly officially launched our new line Ther-ME Skin Improvements. The lifting products of Ther-ME are cosmeceuticals, the deep action of which is in between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. An unusual aspect of the line is the price-quality ratio, the products compete with the most expensive brands, yet they are fairly priced."

Look good straight away

Thermae 2OOO heeft de verzorgingslijn Ther-ME ontwikkeld voor de zelfbewuste vrouw die zichzelf weet te presenteren en weet dat ze succes kan afdwingen wanneer ze er goed uitziet. Uitgerust en relaxed. Stralend en sterk. En vooral tot in de puntjes verzorgd. De liftende crèmes van Ther-ME hebben direct een voelbaar en zichtbaar liftend effect. Verhoef: “Als wellness centrum worden wij vaak benaderd om injectables te geven. Hoewel ik hier totaal niet op tegen bent, zocht ik naar een liftende methode die onze kritische wellness en resortgasten meer zou aanspreken. Een methode met een instant effect van injectabels, maar dan zonder enge naalden.”


Most Ther-Me products are 'cosmeceuticals'. In other words, the effect of these products is in between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The ingredients are high dose and complement one another nicely, enabling visible skin improvements to be achieved. The Ther-ME products are also paraben-free, free from synthetic preservatives and are not tested on animals. Verhoef:  “Ther-ME products contain a lot of natural ingredients, such as botanic extracts. The caviar repair cream even contains DNA, extracted from real caviar. Nevertheless, we have kept the price affordable, and the day cream can be purchased for just €24.95.”

Serum for sauna visitors

Thermae 2000's own product line has been an immediate hit with frequent sauna visitors. For example, a serum has been developed for use following a visit to the sauna, which rebalances the skin. Verhoef: "Within a couple of minutes, the Skin Balance Serum will help to soothe an overheated and red face. The lifting creams also have an instantaneous effect; you will feel the lift immediately after application. That is the great thing about this personal care products range, you don't have to apply it for weeks to find out whether it is working for you."

Ther-ME is sold exclusively at Thermae 2000 itself and through website In the future, other sales outlets will also be involved in the personal care products line.