Vinkeveen (NL), 26 September 2017 – Event Centre Vinkeveen was officially opened on Thursday 21 September by Mayor Maarten Divendal. In a packed venue, the specially invited guests were introduced to the latest expansion of Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen-Amsterdam and The Harbour Club Vinkeveen.

Event Centre Vinkeveen is located on the grounds of Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen-Amsterdam and The Harbour Club Vinkeveen. The Centre is situated along the A2 national motorway, directly at the popular Vinkeveen Lakes. Bas Tolmeijer, director of Apollo Hotels, couldn’t be more enthusiastic: “A year ago, there was nothing at this location. What’s more, whoever had ridden along the Groenlandsekade street several years ago would not have been able to imagine that the old buildings would make way for a series of contemporary concepts with a modern but above all calm appearance.”

'Business meets pleasure' in Vinkeveen

Area Manager Alexander Kluit welcomed all those invited during the festive opening. “The building and the interior have been completed with such a high level of quality. You can come to Event Centre Vinkeveen for a reception, fantastic party or professional company presentation. You name it!” Alexander Kluit looked up at the ten-metre high atrium. “An experience, and that is also what we give you tonight.” A virtuoso performance by a charming trapeze artist followed. With the help of two elegant red curtains, she easily climbed to the top of the atrium and handed the key to Mayor Divendal.

Mayor Divendal handed over the key to success

Mayor Maarten Divendal often receives requests for an official opening, but this was something special for him: “Apollo Hotels waited for the right moment to build something beautiful on this site. With no less than a series of three important additions for the municipality of De Ronde Venen: Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen-Amsterdam, The Harbour Club Vinkeveen and now Event Centre Vinkeveen.”

Event Centre Vinkeveen

Event Centre Vinkeveen is a modern Event Centre of 1,200 m2 with a view of the Vinkeveen Lakes. The building has its own entrance with a reception area and a car park for 170 cars. The ground floor is an impressive, flexible area of approximately 400 m2 with a 10-metre high atrium. Ten sub-rooms of 25 to 50 m2 each are located on the first floor. Large windows in all the rooms ensure there is plenty of daylight to enjoy the view of the Vinkeveen Lakes to the fullest. The terrace of 300 m2 lies directly by the water and has 29 berths for boats.

Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen-Amsterdam

Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen-Amsterdam was opened in April 2017, making it the chain’s youngest hotel. The Centre is situated along the A2 national motorway and offers views of the Vinkeveen Lakes. It offers the ultimate combination of nature and city, with plenty of parking and Amsterdam just 12 minutes away by car. The hotel has 86 luxurious rooms, coffee bar Vink and a Harbour Club for lunch and dinner. The latest expansion, Event Centre Vinkeveen, was opened in September 2017.

The Harbour Club Vinkeveen

The Harbour Club Vinkeveen is open seven days per week for lunch and dinner and offers space for 150 guests in the restaurant and 150 guests on the luxurious outside terrace. The water-side restaurant offers free WiFi. More than 170 parking places are available, as well as a shuttle service, valet parking and boat moorings.