Amsterdam – 15 August 2011 – Starting this week,  Apollo Hotels & Resorts will be offering work-study programs at its Apollo Academy. Employees will be able to obtain an accredited diploma during working hours in a manner that is tailored to the specific employee’s needs. The educational program was specially developed for the hospitality sector, and all of its costs will be borne by Apollo, which is investing in its employees’ future in a unique new way. 

New and unique

Apollo Hotels & Resorts is one of the first companies that is implementing this type of educational program. The courses of study were specially developed for the hospitality sector. They can be flexibly designed for both the organization and the students, thus creating a new, contemporary type of education.

What courses of studies?

  • Host/hostess, intermediate vocational education (MBO) level 2 
  • Cook, intermediate vocational education (MBO) level 2 
  • Independent host/hostess, intermediate vocational education (MBO) level 3 
  • Independent cook, intermediate vocational education (MBO) level 3

Apollo Academy

In additional to the above-mentioned educational tracks, the Apollo Academy also offers high-quality employee training. This includes training on commercial skills and personal coaching programs as well as training on safety and security, language development and development of management skills. 


Apollo Hotels & Resorts considers development and quality within its organization to be a priority and is focused on ‘getting the very best’ out of its employees. “We are responding to the expected labor shortage, which I believe will occur in the near future. Apollo is offering this educational opportunity as a secondary employment condition, thereby strengthening its position as a ‘preferred employer.’ This concept is also making a positive impact in Apollo’s labor market communications,” says Apollo Hotels & Resorts’ Director of Human Resources Inga Hendrix.