Amsterdam, 11 October 2016 - Around a year after the two companies formed a partnership, creating The Harbour Club Kitchen in the metropolitan Apollo Hotel, Apollo Hotels and The Harbour Group announced their joint venture.  

The opening of The Harbour Club Kitchen Amsterdam in the summer of 2015 was immediately an unprecedented success. This was, in fact, so successful that this Apollo Hotel closed its own restaurant and focussed in full on the new gastronomical offshoot. The partnership with The Harbour Group has been so successful that the next step has been taken towards intensifying the relationship.

Bas Tolmeijer, Director at Apollo Hotels: "Around ten years after our company was founded, the hotel chain continues to gain momentum and we firmly believe in forging relationships with the right partners. More than ever before, it is about the experience, service and offering a unique food & beverage experience. The Harbour Group manages these aspects down to the minutest detail."  Richard van Leeuwen, Director of The Harbour Group, adds: "The knowledge of Apollo Hotels & Resorts in terms of data-driven systems and processes beautifully complements our comprehensive restaurant experience. In short, a healthy win-win situation."

The name and the concept have been integrated into the joint venture and both parties continue to operate their own establishments independently. The added value is created by both parties inputting their knowledge, the goal being to raise the quality to an even higher level, refining and safeguarding the product and rolling out new restaurants under The Harbour Club name. The partners anticipate that they will soon be able to announce the opening of the first new branch.