We are Veluwe Events, the largest fully equipped outdoor centre in the Netherlands. Our activities take place in a beautiful wooded area on the Veluwe, on the premises of Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd. This makes it possible to arrange everything at one location, including an overnight stay. Are you still looking for a great activity for the next company outing, team outing or bachelor party? Look no further; we cater for every type of event for groups ranging from 10 to 1,200 people.



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Looking for the right location to close off this year together with colleagues? Then, surely, an end-of-year drink or party, at an appropriate distance, cannot be missed. To close off his year in a festive way, we offer various possibilities to make your end-of-year event extra special. Curious about all our end-of-year arrangements at an appropriate distance? Click here

If you are looking for more information about our Meeting & Events possibilities at 1,5m distance, click here.





Indoor and outdoor activities for 10 to 1,200 people

From salsa dancing to helicopter dropping. We offer indoor and outdoor activities. For example, we have a fully equipped laser game hall and an outdoor area for archery, airsoft and quad driving. The helicopter dropping or four-wheel driving also offers a spectacular element of surprise for your group. Bad luck with the Dutch weather? Our wide choice of indoor activities is a major advantage. Everything can be changed last minute to the best alternative. Salsa dancing, poker workshops and whisky tasting are just some examples of the activities we offer. 




You are looking for an activity for your group that isn’t going to take up the entire day. For example, a clinic, workshop or outdoor activity. Veluwe Events offers a choice of more than 100 activities that last 1 or 2 hours maximum. From four-wheel driving to tandem cycling or crossbow shooting. Is it possible to extend the duration of the activity? Sure it is; we will simply adapt the programme. Let us know the composition of your group. We help you choose an activity that best suits your group, budget and programme.



Planning a full day outing for a company or team? We will arrange a package deal. Our packages comprise a combination of several 1 to 2 hour activities. All of our package deals are compiled to provide maximum pleasure and are suitable for young and old. A package deal can be arranged with or without hotel and catering facilities. You would like to start with a breakfast? Start off with a private presentation for the group? End with a barbeque or a smashing party? Apollo Hotel Veluwe De Beyaerd is located next to our outdoor area and offers endless possibilities, including an overnight stay.



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