You are looking to arrange a full stay in Papendrecht. Select one of our packages for your stay at our hotel. This ensures that all packages are made in one go and you will have even more time to enjoy the hotel, the "Drecht cities" and the green environment.

Season Package: Throwback Summer Deal

Feeling like a trop to the 'Drecht Cities'?  From our hotel you are within no-time in the cosiest cite centres. Rather explore the nature reserve the Biesbosch? We have alle the insides of the surroundings! Reserve now from € 107,10 per two persons per night.


This package includes: 
- Free cancellation until 12.00 on day of arrival
- Extended breakfast buffet
- Welcoming drink and information about surroundings






1 Night Special

You want a night away and relax fully? We get it, reserve this special and profit! Vanaf € 65,- per night.

This package includes: 
- One overnight stay in a Twin Room
- Extended breakfast buffet








2 Nights Special

Feel like taking a trip this weekend? Come to Apollo Hotel Papendrecht and profit from a special price. Make a day trip to the nature reserve the Biesbosch or to the Drechtsteden. From 130,- per night.

This package includes: 
- Two overnight stays in a Twin Room
- Extended breakfast buffet
- Welcoming drink






Waterbus Arrangement 1 night

During your stay you also want to see everything of the surroundings. The water bus is the ideal transportation to discover the historic city center of Dordrecht, or do you choose to expolore the center of Rotterdam? From € 89,- per night.


The Package includes: 
- One overnight stay in a twin-room
- Extended Breakfast Buffet
- Waterbus day ticket






Water bus Package 2 nights

You are looking for an easy and original way to explore the Drecht cities and Rotterdam. Take the water bus easily to Dordrecht or Rotterdam. Choose whenever you wish to use your day ticket for the water bus. With this package you will book your day ticket for the water bus together with your overnight stay. From € 79,50 p.p.p.n.

The water bus Package (2 nights) includes:
- Two overnight stays in a twin room
- Breakfast buffet
- Water bus day ticket (unlimited travelling with the water bus)







Dinner package 2 nights 

Do you love going out for dinner during your get away? Enjoy our three-course dinner at Chef’s Food and Drinks during your stay at Apollo Hotel Papendrecht. A restaurant where you will taste what a real Chef loves: Pure, Fresh, knowledge and quality products. From € 89,50.

The diner package includes
- 2 overnight stays for 2 persons in a twin room
- 2 days breakfast buffet for 2 persons
- A three-course dinner at Chef’s Food and Drinks for 2 persons at a day of your choice.






Dinner Package (3 nights) 

Spend the night at ours and have a delicious meal in the recently renovated restaurant Chef’s! Food and Drinks? With this package you book three overnight stays and one 3-course dinner. After your dinner you have a good sleep and the next day you can explore the beautiful surroundings of Papendrecht! From € 76,- per night.


This Package includes:
- Three overnight stays in a Twin-room
- Three days a breakfast buffet
- One 3-course dinner at Chef's! Food and Drinks 






Wellness Package

Every day your diary is full. But me time is also important. Sauna Papendrecht can be found at 1.5 kilometres from our hotel. You can make your escape by visiting the saunas, baths and rest rooms and choosing one of the treatment options. After the sauna, your relaxation day can continue by staying the night in one of our deluxe rooms. Sleep well! From € 139,90

    Wellness package includes: 
    - Overnight stay for 2 persons in a Deluxe room
    - Including breakfast
    - Sauna entrance for 2 persons at Sauna Papendrecht including:
    - Welcome drink upon arrival
    - Choice of a Hamam treatment, Hotstone massage, Quick facial or Wellness relax massage
    - 30 minute usage of the infra-red massage bed and choose between several programs 
    - Lunch in restaurant of Sauna Papendrecht
    - Please note that these treatments have to be reserved before arrival.