We are a chain of high-quality hotels in the Netherlands. We will do everything we can to make sure that you'll be back. Our hotels are as varied as our people. Even so, we are certain that whichever hotel you choose, your stay will be unforgettable; whether you have to attend a meeting that requires your full concentration, arrive at the hotel late, or even if you have a very early start. Apollo & Leonardo Hotels guarantees precious moments, in the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Looking for our company data? This can be found here.


Fattal Hotel Group is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in Europe and Israel, with more than 200 hotels and 40,000 hotel rooms, spread across more than 100 destinations. In 1988, the group was founded by David Fattal and has been active in Europe since 2006. With the takeover by the Israeli Fattal Hotel Group, Apollo & Leonardo Hotels have joined forces. Leonardo Hotels was founded in 2006 as the European arm of the Fattal Hotel Group. Apollo Hotels was founded in 1998 and added to the Fattal Hotel Group in 2018. An important part of the philosophy of the Fattal Hotel Group is that the hotels are managed and operated by its own business unit. The business unit Netherlands & Belgium operates under the name Apollo & Leonardo Hotels.



A young, fresh and innovative hotel company that believes things can be done differently! Our hotels can be found at the most beautiful locations, from dynamic cities and close to airports to locations nearby the coastline in a green environment. We move with the wishes and needs of the guest in a creative way. That means that we sometimes, we throw fixed rules and procedures overboard. Why standardize everything? After all, our guests are not standard either, right?!


Our hotels are just as different as the guests we receive and the employees who enjoy working with us. Nevertheless, we are sure that the guest will experience an unforgettable stay; at full concentration during a meeting, when arriving at the hotel late or in the early hours during departure. Apollo & Leonardo Hotels guarantees the best moments in the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands! Apollo & Leonardo Hotels has 15 hotels, from Groningen to Breda, and one hotel in Belgium, all with a unique appearance and beautiful location.



The behavior of our employees and the way they perform their work is what connects our hotels in the Netherlands and Belgium. We have translated this to three core values that shows how we present ourselves. How you can see this? Pass by one of our hotels! We do everything we can to make you come back again.



  • Genuinely guest-focused

We make guests feel so welcome, that they feel at home.

  • Uncomplicated

Many problems can be resolved by not making major issues out of minor problems.

  • Entrepreneurship

Is quite simply about standing out from the crowd.

  • Thinking in terms of opportunities

If it isn't right the first time, turning left three times is also right!

  • Out of the box

When nothing can fail, nothing new will come of it.



  • SMART | "If the challenge exists, so must the solution".

We come up with innovative ideas and do not offer standard solutions, but are refreshing in our working method.

  • STAND-OUT | "Why fit in, when you can stand out".

By giving each hotel its own color and identity, we offer our guests choice with an experience they will never forget!

  • SINCERE | "You can't fake passion".

We act from our heart, so together we ensure that your stay becomes more than just a 'normal' stay.



We are aware of the impact our business activities have on the environment and society. That is why we integrate sustainability into our business processes, services and products. Want to know more? www.apollohotels.co.uk/mvo.



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